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Arrow Flick 2.0 includes all-new zombie apocalypse scenario

Just in time for the holidays, PocketCake has announced a new version of its popular mobile game Arrow Flick, available on iTunes and Google Play, in which players fling arrows at dummies, animals and fruit.

Arrow Flick now includes a mode called “Holiday Apocalypse” featuring zombies hellbent on — you guessed it — brains. The good news is that players are armed with an infinite number of arrows to survive 50 waves of zombies. Each wave brings more zombies whose aggression and evasiveness grow greater and greater as well.

Players aren’t limited to an old-fashioned bow and arrow, either. Holiday items littered throughout the scenario — presents, stockings, ornaments — unlock special weapons to combat the dead men (and women) walking. Weapons include bows capable of shooting three arrows at once and arrows that can be rapidly fired or tipped with explosives.

In order to be killed, zombies must be struck twice or, of course, just once in the head. Players can earn special achievements — such as “I see dead people” and “Here’s looking at you, zombie” — for hits, headshots, kills and misses.

Arrow Flick has been downloaded more than 60,000 times on iOS and Android since its mid-November release. All 93 of Arrow Flick’s ratings for the current version on iTunes are five stars. The game reached 197 on the list of top new games on Google Play.

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