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New zombie comic will put you in the apocalypse

One of the remarkable things about the zombie apocalypse genre is the way fans immerse themselves in it. Nearly everyone who has watched a zombie film or read a zombie book has thought about what they would do if the undead really began to walk the earth.

Miscellaneum Studios, a start-up trans-media company, is closing in on the end of Indiegogo campaign that would allow readers of its comic to literally put themselves into the action. Lateef Martin, founder and Studio Director of Miscellaneum Studios, explained that the comic “Z’Isle” is in Montreal seven years after a zombie infestation. Z’Isle follows the lives of various characters from different corners of the city and explore how they’ve balanced morality with survival, some with the hope of rebuilding Montreal to its former glory.

Martin said the comic will stand apart from others in the genre for several reasons, starting off with its vantage point.

“Most stories deal with trying to get away from the problem,” he said. “Our story is set seven years after the zombie apocalypse and shows how people have built their lives around the problem of a zombie infestation.”

By starting later in the timeline, the story arcs will deal with issues not commonly seen in other zombie fiction. For example, Martin said, bullets are a thing from history.

“As Montreal is a city of bikes all weapons are made from bike parts,” he said.

In addition, the new post-apocalypse society has a very unique generational divide to contend with.

“Therefore there is a new generation who to them, zombies are normal,” Martin explained. “This gives us a lot to play with in terms of conflicting world views, especially with those who lived in the ‘Old World’.”

One of the most unique aspects, however, is the fan interaction. With the Indiegogo campaign, Miscellaneum Studios is allowing fans to actively contribute to the world by adding their own stories through being a character in the comic.

“Along with being a character, they can write a short paragraph that could be an origin story, or just details about the character and we incorporate that into our overall story,” Martin said. “The goal of our Indiegogo campaign is to create the first six issues, which make Volume 1 of a trilogy. We also have other great rewards including printed copies of the comic, a soundtrack, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, posters, prop weapons from the story, and other gear characters use in the world of Z’Isle.”

For more information, visit the campaign at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/z-isle-issues-1-to-6/x/2736212

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