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Review: Fight Fight Zombanite!

By Chase Burgess


A screenshot captured from actual gameplay.

Fight Fight Zombanite! is a 3D zombie strategy game developed by MojoBox Games. Mojobox delivers in a big way with FFZ, their first published game.  FFZ is a hybrid RTS, RPG, and tower defense game that requires quick thinking to stop the zombie invasion.

The game’s antagonists are a group of zombie-aliens, called Zombanites, that invade earth and begin turning humans into zombies. After the opening cut-scene you choose your first character and begin your journey. You  can select from a hitchhiker, a cop, or a runner in the beginning. Every member that you encounter has two unique abilities that are used in combat and can be upgraded. The hitchhiker can throw fireworks which distracts the zombies, while the cop can stun zombies if they get too close to him with his unique ability.

Along the way, you have the option of picking up more team members, eight in total. However, you are limited to five members in your party at any one time. This limit forces the player to find a good balance in their team. The more you play, the better you get the feel for each team member and what they are good at, some members are better equipped to defend an object, while other members are better equipped to gather supplies.

Throughout the game, you encounter nine different types of zombies, ranging from “Standard Issue” zombies to zombies that can generate their own force field, and even zombie crows. Like their human counterpart, each type of zombie has their own strengths and weaknesses.

With six different types of missions and each mission taking place on a randomly generated map, the amount of variety is virtually endless. The combination of RTS, RPG, and tower defense elements make for a breath of fresh air in not just zombie games, but mobile games as well. The challenge of  mixing and matching team members becomes rewarding once you get the hang of it.

The game is great, but not perfect. The number of sound effects are very limited and are repeated often; frame rate issues hurt the experience whenever a large of number of enemies are on the screen, this occurred frequently during intense moments in battle, and was frustrating whenever you’re trying to move your team members to different places throughout the map; and the 3D is outdated as well.

With over 50 missions available to you, plus an endless amount of “supply run” missions at your disposal, the game takes about five hours to complete. I found myself sucked into the game once I began focusing on making my team better by unlocking characters and upgrading their unique abilities.

FFZ is available on both the Google Play store and apple app store for $1.09. I strongly recommend this game as it is not only a solid zombie game, but also a solid strategy game. Even with its faults, FFZ is a solid game and a great way to kill time and zombies. Fight Fight Zombanite! gets a 4/5.

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