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FashionClub.com offers DIY zombie costume tips

Zombies are one of the biggest Halloween costume trends this year, thanks to their ubiquitous media presence in film, books, and TV, from Walking Dead to Warm Bodies. FashionClub.com demonstrates how to put together a zombie fashionista look with chic clothes from a typical teen’s wardrobe.

“Why not be a zombie Homecoming King or Queen for Halloween this year,” said FashionClub.com Fashion Editor, Gigi Hooghkirk. “For guys, it’s as simple as a suit, tie, and Converse. Girls can re-use their Homecoming dress, or any other gown from past formals they’ve attended. Borrowing from friends who wear the same size is also a great option.”

Zombies have hit the runway in a big way as well. Gareth Pugh’s Fall 2013 show in Paris featured pale-faced, sunken-eyed models on the catwalk, while Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2014 Red Label favored beautiful zombies modeling elegant florals, black satin, and plaid designs. “Runway photos of these designer looks inspired us as we brainstormed our 2013 Halloween costume photo shoot,” explained FashionClub.com Art Director, Harriet Grant.

In their Halloween photo shoot, FashionClub.com styled an outfit that a typical FIDM Fashion Design student might wear for a zombie look, replete with props including an official FIDM-branded tote bag and fashion blocks (the basic fashion design patterns from which any fashion design can be made.) So not only does the teen fashion site provide a great example of a cute Halloween costume, they’re also showing how a college fashion design student dresses on campus.

Fashion Club hired professional makeup artists to create beauty tutorials to go with the looks, demonstrating how to do a basic zombie face, zombie doll eyes, and zombie undead veins. All videos can be viewed on FashionClub.com as well as Fashion Club’s YouTube channel.

Stage blood is useful in creating a zombie look. Makeup artist Leibi Carias said that the product is flavored zesty mint, which limits the unpleasantness of application near the mouth. To create with makeup the perfect looking zombie bruise, Leibi recommends the Cream Makeup Stack in Injury from Cinema Secrets. With colors including Corpse Yellow, Undead Purple, Bruised Red, and Black, the makeup set is ideal for creating convincing bruises and wounds.

Another trade secret in the art of zombie makeup is the use of tattoo pen ink. Nigel Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood carries aged tattoo pen ink, ideal for drawing necrotic-looking zombie veins on the face and neck.

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