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Tomasso short story to be released as full novel

Phillip Tomasso’s VACCINATION is the first in a zombie trilogy. It will be released in trade paperback and eBook formats in October 2013, and was originally published as a short story in the 2010 Halloween edition of SHROUD.

What if the H1N1 vaccination wasn’t just a preventative measure against swine flu, and the side effects were catastrophic?

It seems like the flu came out of nowhere and yet, in no time at all the government manufactured plenty of vaccination to share across the country. Were lab workers diligent, or could the virus itself have been man-made?

Imagine a contaminated strain of the vaccination reaching the public. Those injected might not get the flu, but the turning into zombie-like creatures was never listed on the pharmacy receipt.

Chase McKinney is divorced and works as a fire dispatcher at 9-1-1. Taking emergency calls, it becomes immediately obvious that the entire city is infected. His first goal is to reach and save his two children.

Could the walls built by the U.S.A. to keep out illegal aliens, and the fact the Mexican government could not vaccinate their citizens against the flu, make the southern border the only plausible destination for safety?

Phillip Tomasso is the author of ten previous novels, including Sounds of Silence, Pulse of Evil, Pigeon Drop, Convicted, The Molech Prophecy (as Thomas Phillips), Adverse Impact, Johnny Blade, Third Ring, Tenth House and Mind Play. Working full time as a Fire/EMS Dispatcher at 911, he lives in Rochester, NY with his three children, dog, Fettucine and cat, Luca and is always at work on his next tale.

Severed Press is one of Australia’s leading independent publishers of horror. Publishing trade paperbacks and E-Books, Severed Press has earned a reputation for excellence, quality and commitment to new and established authors alike. Authors include seasoned masters of horrors such as Tim Curran, Mark Tufo and James Robert Smith to best-selling newcomers Joesph Talluto and Sean T Page.

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