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Spoiler: AMC teases Walking Dead season 4

Maybe they were trying to get people to watch Low Winter Sun, but AMC went in hype mode last week promoting a sneak peek at The Walking Dead’s upcoming fourth season.

What we got was a look at one scene with almost no dialogue. It shows Michonne returning from a trip on horseback.  A few walkers follow her through the gate and she dismounts to fight them.

If anything, this clip just makes me mad and it does it for about a million different reasons. Here are my top 3.

1. If you’ve been living in the zombie apocalypse for years, surely you’d have a system for coming and going from your base that doesn’t let zombies inside.

2. If you’re mounted with a sword, don’t climb down unarmed to fight your opponent, living or undead.

3. If you’re AMC don’t hype a sneak peek, make me watch a show I’m not interested in and then deliver up this crap of a clip.

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