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Fireside Games to release Dead Panic zombie game

Fireside Games has announced the upcoming release of Dead Panic, its fifth game, this September. Dead Panic is a cooperative Zombie apocalypse–themed variant on the board game Castle Panic.


In Dead Panic, each player takes on the role of one of eight unique characters, which have special abilities. Players work together to survive in a remote Cabin, at the center of the board, against waves of the undead that close in from the edges of the board. If the players can hold out, Survivors bring pieces of the radio needed to call for rescue. Once rescue arrives, it’s up to each player to leave the safety of the Cabin and make it out alive!


To fight the Zombies, players use Cabin cards, some of which are weapons that help players attack Zombies at a distance or in hand-to-hand combat. If Characters take too many injuries during combat, they die and return to the game as a Zombie with customized rules as a member of the undead! Other Cabin cards are items, which give the players various benefits and a better chance at survival. The supply of items and weapons is limited, however. Once the Cabin deck is exhausted, it is not reshuffled.

A separate deck of cards, called Event cards, allow the Zombies to have their turn. This deck not only brings a variety of Zombies into play but each card also has a special effect when drawn.

Like Castle Panic, Dead Panic offers a fast-playing, tense, edge-of-your-seat experience that is easy to learn but a challenge to survive. The rich game play and the cooperative nature and streamlined rules make Dead Panic another great introduction to the hobby. Players who are already fans of Castle Panic will enjoy this deep twist on a familiar favorite.

Dead Panic takes approximately 90 minutes to play, can be enjoyed by 2 to 6 players, ages 13 and up, and retails for $39.95

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