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‘War Z’ Released by Dream Bot Studios

Dream Bot Studios is currently giving away free copies of its iOS formatted game War Z (not to be confused with Infestation: Survivor Stories -formerly The War Z– developed by Hammerpoint Interactive)

A strategy game with hungry zombies as the enemies, the plot is that a zombie outbreak has hit the earth. The gamers will play the roles of those people who haven’t been infected yet. The goal is to escape the apocalyptic scene by killing off zombies.

War Z provides players an arsenal of weapons to strike down zombies and ghouls. Those could be launched by the gamer via various combos.

Included on the weapons list are bombs, canon balls, buckets of ice (to freeze them), buckets of grease (to set them up for more strikes), jelly (to slow them down) and several others. In the many levels, a player would have to strategically utilize those weapons to beat the big “Boss Battles” and level-up.

But more than just an action-packed online game, War Z is also a social app. With it, players can compete and enjoy with their online friends using Facebook & HeyZap.

Dream Bot Studios is  a self-funded online development company headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. According to its CEO Markus Skupeika, the company’s goal is simple: “To enhance our fans’ experience while in the virtual worlds.”

War Z is just one of theonline games that Dream Bot Studios has released. To check it and its other gaming apps, visit its official website at DreamBotStudios.com.

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