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World War Z tablet game released, $50 mega-ticket announced

With a week to go before the release of Brad Pitt’s summer blockbuster zombie flick “World War Z” two publicity items have been released.

The first was a new clip of film titled “No place is doing well.” As you can see, it’s just a short scene where Pitt’s character gravely informs a group of G.I.s that basically the entirely country is screwed. It doesn’t reveal anything about the plot and is once more devoid of any zombies.

The second item has created a bit of a buzz even beyond the zombie film crowd. In a team effort, Paramount Pictures and Regal Entertainment Group have announced the availability of a mega ticket for the upcoming release of “World War Z.”

For just(?) $50 fans get access to an early screening on June 19, one HD digital copy of the movie when it becomes available, one pair of “World War Z” collector’s custom RealD 3D glasses, one official full-size limited-edition movie poster and a small popcorn. You apparently have to pay for your own drink.

The tickets will be good in Houston, San Diego, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Irvine, Calif.

For those who can’t get enough World War Z, there is also a new game available on several platforms. You can check it out at

iOS http://bit.ly/WWZGameiTunes

Droid http://bit.ly/WWZGameDroid

Kindle Fire 2 http://bit.ly/WWZGameKindle


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