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Spoilers: Walking Dead Season 4 in production

This video isn’t really heavy on spoilers, but it does give us some ideas of what to expect from the premiere episode of The Walking Dead’s fourth season.

Things to consider:

1. This is the first episode with Scott Gimple as the show runner. Gimple is coming in after the departure of Glen Mazzara. Mazzara was very popular with fans, many of whom considered Season 3 to be the best so far. Gimple isn’t new to the show, however, and has written several of the series’ best episodes including last season’s “Clear.”

2. Producer Gale Anne Hurd has promised that the zombies will reassert themselves as a major threat in Season 4. The walkers weren’t much of a factor last season, so seeing them back in the fray can’t be anything but good. Which bring us to:

3. The episode will be directed by Greg Nicotero. Nicotero is the special effects wizard behind the zombies of The Walking Dead. He always manages to make the shows signature zombies amazing, but when he’s the director, the effects always rise to a whole new level.

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