Zombie television

Walking Dead resumes filming

For those of us waiting for our Sunday night zombie fix, the good news is that cast and crew on AMC’s The Walking Dead returned to work today.

No word from the set on exactly what took place, but the folks over at AMC have provided us with some sneak peeks at what’s coming up.

The video shows us the one-day “Zombie School” held to screen actors who hope to be walkers in the upcoming season.

Executive Producer Greg Nicotero led the actors through a series of exercises, allowing them to show off their best zombie moves. He said very little direction is given so the actors are free to interpret.

“Every season we get 15 or 20 of those people who are just naturals and they get it,” Nicotero said.

A first this year, the actors did an exercise where they were asked to stay in character and attack the camera man. The results were better than expected, Nicotero said.

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