Zombie television

SNL spoofs The Walking Dead


AMC’s hit zombie show “The Walking Dead” has had no shortage of ethnic diversity. Series regular Glenn is Korean. And there were Morgan, Jacqui and Morales in season one, not to mention the vatos who lived in the nursing home. T-Dog lasted through three seasons and this season alone we’ve met Michonne, Tyrese, Sasha, Big Tiny, Oscar, Andrew and Tomas.

Of course, of all the characters mentioned only four are known to be alive. The high casualty rate among ethnic characters has been the subject of a number of internet memes and apparently has gone unnoticed by the writers over at Saturday Night Live.

With host Kevin Hart, SNL aired a skit on March 2 that shows familiar characters from The Walking Dead grappling with issues of racial tolerance when they encounter a stranger in the wilderness.

The skit is funny, but it does raise a serious question: Is The Walking Dead racist?

I would argue that it is not. It’s true that many minority characters have either been killed or their whereabouts are unknown, but it’s equally true that white characters have met untimely ends. The fact is the show is brutal and no character is safe regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religious background.

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