Zombie television

Spoilers: Walking Dead 312

So, you’re about to go to war with an overpowering enemy. You’ve just buried yet another of your team members. Everyone is stressed and tired. What do you do? ROAD TRIP!

At least that appears to be the plan for members of Team Prison on next week’s episode of The Walking Dead. The episode, titled “Clear” was written by Scott Gimple, who has been tapped to replace Glen Mazzara as showrunner for season 4, so we might just get a taste of what he’ll bring to the table.

In the first clip released by AMC we see Rick, Carl and Michonne speeding down the highway in their Hyundai. After a stranger tries to wave them down, they get stuck in what appears to be some sort of Walker “tar baby trap” before they end up in Zombie Town. Looks like a good time will be had by all.

Sneak peek number two is a longer cut of the Walker trap, which also shows why Shane should have held out for the AWD model of the Santa Fe. Of course, Shane wasn’t known for making the best choices.

The final preview gives us a better look at the guy who tried to flag down our “heroes.” Poor bastard. He looks like a guy who is overjoyed to see more living souls. But they leave him in the dust. “Sorry, buddy, we saving this empty seat for Rick’s dead wife. You know, in case she shows up again.”

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