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Spoilers: Just how crazy is crazy?

The Internet buzz around the Walking Dead this season seems to revolve heavily around Rick and his struggles with sanity. That’s fair given that Team Prison’s leader seems to be running for Mayor of Crazy Town.

A recently released segment from AMC delves into the madness which actor Andrew Lincoln attributes largely to the loss of his wife Lori.

“He doesn’t have any sort of ballast anymore,” Lincoln said. “The reality of his life is so unbearable that he is almost seeking refuge in part of his brain that is short circuiting. The insanity is actually a more peaceful place for him.”

But Rick isn’t the only one having to wrestle with painful emotions.

Episode 310 also showed Glenn dealing with the fallout of the abuse he and Maggie suffered at the hands of the Governor. His desire for vengeance is clouding his thinking.

Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, said the character is an “evolving man.”

“He’s growing up and he’s learning life lessons,” he said. “He’s not making wrong decisions, per se, but he’s coming at it from the wrong place.”

Meanwhile the episode gets back to another character who isn’t the most sane by conventional standards. Merle Dixon seems to be one of the few people who haven’t changed much in the apocalypse. He was a sociopath before and he still is.

“Merle has an awful lot of different shades,” said Michael Rooker, who brings the character to the screen. “He will steal, lie, cheat, whatever it takes to get the end result the way he likes it.”

Fortunately(?) for Team Prison, King Crazy himself — The Governor — shows up to lay down a surprise beating.

“That attack brought Rick around quicker than he could have been,” Lincoln said. “It was like a slap. There’s still a vestige of the leader in him.”

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