Zombie films

Zombies invade Canadian town

By Mary Beth Hartill

A horde zombies was sighted at the north entrance of Burk’s Falls heading across the parking lot toward the entrance to Tim Horton’s on a mid-May night.

The horde lurched forward repeatedly as cameraman Patrick Gilbert captured take after take of the actors, including the lead zombie Kevin Hoffman, who is also the sound person and editor. The scene was part of a film by Lewis Hodgson of Burk’s Falls called Morning Zombies.

The extras who turned out for a chance to show off their George A. Romero style swagger all seemed to have different reasons for taking on the task.

For Shawn Murphy it was therapeutic.

“Because I have two fears in life; zombies and meteors,” he laughed. “It’s a way of overcoming one of my fears.”

(This article appears in its entirety in Zombie Apocalypse Monthly Issue 2 and can be downloaded for free here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/408784)

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