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DFZ Labs Unveils Streamingfellaz: Bringing Deadfellaz NFTs to Life on Screen

San Francisco, CA – DFZ Labs, the creative team behind the zombie-themed non-fungible token (NFT) collection Deadfellaz, announced on Friday the launch of Streamingfellaz, a video utility extension designed to animate and personify the community’s NFT tokens. The new tool allows Deadfellaz token holders, known as The Horde, to utilize the collection’s intellectual property (IP) beyond the artwork itself, enabling them to embody their avatars on popular platforms such as Google Meet, Twitch, Zoom, and YouTube.

Streamingfellaz introduces an immersive experience for NFT holders, enabling them to represent themselves as their Deadfellaz NFTs in virtual meetings and livestreams. By tracking users’ movements and body language, the tool brings the NFTs to life on the screen, providing an interactive and engaging way for the community to express themselves digitally.

Betty, CEO & Co-Founder of DFZ LABS, expressed her enthusiasm for the new extension, stating that Streamingfellaz aligns with Deadfellaz’ mission of granting holders a Web3 digital identity and empowering them with new modes of self-expression. Betty emphasized the emotional connection many collectors have with their profile pictures (PFP) and the importance of fostering that connection by offering user-friendly tools that do not require technical skills.

“We are dedicated to providing our wildly creative community with the means to express themselves fully. Streamingfellaz is a testament to that commitment,” said Betty in a press release.

The announcement also included feedback from one member of The Horde, Dead Channel, who had the opportunity to beta test the new tool. Dead Channel expressed excitement about bringing their Web3 identity to life, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between the holder and their NFT avatar. “I am my fella, and my fella is me!” Dead Channel enthusiastically shared in the press release.

The launch of Streamingfellaz represents another milestone in Deadfellaz’ ongoing efforts to expand its IP beyond digital artwork. In October, the collection collaborated with renowned DJ and NFT collector Steve Aoki to release a clothing line integrated with metaverse-ready wearables. Prior to that, in September, Deadfellaz partnered with denim brand Wrangler to introduce a series of Deadfellaz-themed jeans featuring near-field communication (NFC) chips, enabling the owners to earn an NFT linked to the clothing item.

DFZ Labs continues to pave the way for NFT innovation, providing opportunities for its community to immerse themselves in the Deadfellaz universe both online and offline. With the introduction of Streamingfellaz, Deadfellaz NFT holders can now bring their avatars to life and further enhance their digital identities in virtual spaces.

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