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Director Evan Kascinde Expands Zombie Genre in ‘Kill or Be Killed’

Writer and director Evan Kascinde reveals the creative genesis behind his latest film, “Kill or Be Killed,” an intriguing addition to the “Final Society” series. Kascinde’s inspiration sprang from a thought-provoking question posed by a friend: “What would the death penalty mean in a Zombie apocalypse?” With this query, a captivating storyline was born.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed works such as “28 Days Later” and Some Dude Production’s “Decays” series, Kascinde sought to deepen the lore of the established series. As a passionate follower of the Zombie Genre, the director credits “Decays” for igniting his interest in the undead.

“Kill or Be Killed” underwent swift filming, with pre and post-production phases taking approximately seven months, culminating in a total production timeline of nine months. The project involved a diverse group of talented individuals, including CGI artists, actors, composers, and audio technicians.

Collaborating closely with Kascinde were Julien Nurinu and Aaron Lazra, both dear friends, as well as Michaeli Sand and Gaylord Parsons, small-town actors who brought their professionalism to the production. The film’s original soundtrack (OST) was meticulously composed by an industry collaborator whom Kascinde frequently works with, delivering exceptional music for the film. Clancy Bruza and Rin Ka Pow provided instrumental support, with Pow also undertaking screenplay editing duties.

The film’s remarkable visual effects were made possible by the efforts of the CGI and green screen crew. Kascinde extends heartfelt gratitude to the film’s editors, Alex Partimo and Kevin Fassbach, whose contributions were instrumental in achieving the film’s crisp visuals. While Kascinde acknowledges the impossibility of listing everyone involved, audiences can find the complete credits for the film.

With a budget of $36,000, funding for “Kill or Be Killed” was sourced from previous film ventures and featured product placements from Faygo Sodas, seamlessly integrated into the storyline. The film primarily employed CGI backgrounds, except for the captivating opening scene and the second after-credit scene, which were filmed at Aaron Lazra’s House and in Miami, respectively.

Although the possibility of a sequel to “Kill or Be Killed” remains uncertain, fans can eagerly anticipate the forthcoming addition to the “Final Society” series titled “Final Chance.” Kascinde’s commitment to expanding the realm of the series promises to captivate audiences once again.

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