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Zombies Noir brings zombie fighting action into players’ homes

Independent video game developer Synodic Arc will officially launch its Zombies Noir mixed reality video game in the summer. The game can be downloaded from the Meta Quest store for play on the Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset.

Zombies Noir involves the player fighting off waves of zombies, with the backdrop of an indoor space, such as the player’s home. It uses mixed reality technology, which combines real and virtual objects to create a simulated environment that can be interacted with in real-time. The player will protect their home from zombies passing through portals from Noir City in order to complete case files.

The game features various zombie opponents, including the burping Chunky Zombie and the exploding Postal Zombie. More powerful boss zombies arrive at the end of each case file, and these more complicated battles will test players’ skills.

Players can use an array of weapons in battle, including melee weapons such as baseball bats, firearms such as the tommy gun, a film noir staple, and wacky contraptions such as exploding cheeseburgers. Each weapon has a unique ability and realistic controls. These can be purchased and upgraded at an in-game shop in between waves. Players can complete challenges to unlock rewards, including abilities, weapon skins, and more.

Zombies Noir, which is currently in an early-access developmental mode, is a pioneer of mixed reality gaming. While there are demo versions of several other games out on the market, Zombies Noir will be the first full-length action game in this sub-genre. It has received recognition and public attention by being featured as a hallmark demonstration of the technology at a recent game developers conference.

According to Michael Pulis, Founder and Lead Programmer of Synodic Arc, the idea for Zombies Noir was inspired by the make-believe games he used to play with his friends as children, where they would use their toy guns and shoot at imaginary creatures. With the advent of mixed reality technology, Pulis saw the opportunity to bring this childhood play to life.

Pulis says mixed reality technology is the culmination of virtual reality and augmented reality, and that it provides huge potential to the gaming market by creating a more immersive experience. For now, the technology is limited to indoor spaces measuring around 25 x 25 feet. However, Pulis hopes future developments could bring mixed reality outdoors, creating more possibilities and a wider variety of environments.

“As you fight zombies in your house, you can see the real-life space around you. Your room’s walls, door, and desk are now interactable objects in the game world, creating a fully immersive, mixed reality experience that brings together the game world and the real world to create a single environment.”

Aside from Zombies Noir, Synodic Arc has developed other games, spanning different platforms and genres. These include survival horror game Abyss of Neptune, rhythm combat game Magical Strings, and visual novel The Book of Regrets.

Pulis says: “I’ve always wanted to make video games, so I started Synodic Arc with some friends. After a few years, we partnered with a couple of student teams, which allowed us to bring Magical Strings and Abyss of Neptune to life. This gave us valuable experience and the capability to create Zombies Noir, as we became a more established studio. While we want to create different types of games for various platforms, I believe mixed reality is a really exciting technology and we’re looking to do more in this space.”

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