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Last of Us television series gives viewers first look at a bloater

The Bloater is a formidable and terrifying infected enemy that makes its appearance in episode 5 of the TV adaptation of the hit video game, “The Last of Us”. In the post-apocalyptic world of the series, the Bloater is one of several types of infected that roam the wasteland, presenting a constant threat to the surviving human population. In this article, we will explore the creation and characteristics of the Bloater in the world of “The Last of Us”.

The Bloater is one of the advanced stages of the Cordyceps fungus, which has infected the human population and transformed them into dangerous and violent creatures. The Cordyceps fungus works by taking control of the host’s central nervous system, turning them into aggressive and mindless beings. In the case of the Bloater, the fungus has reached its final stage of growth, transforming the host into a massive, bloated monster with thick, fungal growths covering its body.

The appearance of the Bloater is truly a sight to behold. Its skin is covered in a thick layer of fungal growths, making it appear to be armored. Its body has swelled to several times its original size, giving it a slow and lumbering gait. Despite its bulk, the Bloater is incredibly agile and can quickly close the gap between it and its prey. It is equipped with long, razor-sharp claws that it uses to slash at its enemies, and it also has the ability to launch massive clouds of fungal spores that can blind, incapacitate, and infect its targets.

The Bloater is one of the most dangerous infected in the world of “The Last of Us”. Its massive size and heavy armor make it difficult to take down, and its ability to launch clouds of fungal fragments makes it a formidable enemy in close quarters. The Bloater is also capable of emitting a powerful scream that can disorient its enemies and cause them to become vulnerable to attack. It is a force to be reckoned with and a true test of the survival skills of the characters in the series.

The creation of the Bloater was a massive undertaking for the special effects team behind the “The Last of Us” TV series. The team was tasked with bringing the iconic infected enemy to life on the small screen, and they went to great lengths to ensure that the Bloater was as faithful to the source material as possible. The Bloater was created using a combination of practical and digital effects, with a detailed practical suit being created for the performer to wear on set. The suit was then augmented with digital effects to bring the fungal growths and other details to life.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the special effects team was creating the Bloater’s massive size. The suit had to be designed in a way that allowed the performer to move and perform the required actions while still appearing massive and imposing on screen. To achieve this, the team used a combination of internal support structures, prosthetics, and digital effects to create the illusion of the Bloater’s bulk. The result is a truly convincing and intimidating creature that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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