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Play Park Inc. Announces New Zombie FPS Game for Smartphones and VR

South Korean publisher, Play Park Inc. announced that their post-apocalyptic first-person shooter, Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, will launch on smartphone application stores on May 2019.

Set in an abandoned hospital where zombies roam through each room and hallway, Zombie Shooter players will have to fight their way out in order to survive. Exploring the highly realistic gameplay that VR provides, Play Park has incorporated VR technology to allow players to completely immerse themselves in a terrifying and action-packed world.

“Although members of our team have been the ones to develop this game, we still get an adrenaline rush every time we put on the VR headsets and start blasting away at the zombies.”

Players will have to look for clues, solve puzzles, and slay zombies in order to advance through the story. Freeing the prisoners held captive in the hospital will allow for bonus items and power-ups that will assist in fighting off the undead.

Backers who support Play Park’s Indiegogo campaign will be able to receive special in-game items upon release. Those who select higher-tier rewards will even be able to take part in the creative process. A minimum of $1000 is needed to successfully reach Play Park’s funding goal. The campaign is set to end on February 14

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