Apocalypse healthcare

Apocalypse nail care: Clean and short is the way to go

By Jake Sepulveda

Anyone that has done hard labor or an honest day of physical work with their hands knows that fingernails, gone untrimmed, can get broken, torn, split, and extremely dirty. While a broken or dirty set of fingernails might not seem like a big deal by the sound or look of it, they can easily harvest harmful bacteria and viruses, increasing the chances infection and disease.

Keeping your nails trimmed and clean can greatly improve your chance of survival… especially when dealing with unsanitary living conditions or battling with Zombies. With less room for bacteria, disease, and bits of Zombie flesh or other contaminates under your nails, you’ll be less likely to self-infect, catch or spread a nasty bug, or rip a nail off as you try to claw your way out of the basement and away from the Undead.

So keep ‘em short and keep ‘em clean… but but don’t use your chompers to do so. Chewing on dirty grimy fingernails is a fast track way to serious illness and disease.

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