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Telltale games shuts down: Still hope for an end to Walking Dead season 4

By Dakota Cantwell

Telltale games announced that it was closing suddenly on Friday Sept. 21.

This news shocked fans and employees alike as 250 people suddenly found themselves without jobs. While a small crew is staying on to tie up some loose ends, the rest of the recently laid off employees are left with no severance, health care that ends soon and no idea what to do in the pay area.

According to an interview with Variety, Telltale co-founder Dan Connors said the sudden shutdown was due to a failure of financing that the company was counting on to stay in business.

“The company was working diligently to close a round of financing,” Connors said. “Unfortunately, when the last potential financial backer abruptly pulled out, we were left in a position where we had no choice but to stop production. Sadly, everyone was so focused on doing what was required to keep the company going that when the last potential partner backed out, there were no other options.”

Many different companies are stepping up to help the recently fired employees. According to Forbes, various studios have been sending out notices about potential jobs available, including Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog and Gearbox.

Telltale is known for many story driven games like “The Wolf Among Us”.

The most known game, however, is their “Walking Dead” game that was currently working on season 4 of the series. With the sudden shutdown, season for was set to be left on a cliffhanger, ending on the second episode of the season.

Despite the shutdown, there may still be hope for a conclusion to season four and an ending to Clementine’s story.

According to their Twitter account, Telltale said “Multiple potential partners have stepped forward to express interest in helping to see The Final Season through to completion.”

They added “While we can’t make any promises today, we are actively working towards a solution that will allow episodes three and four to be completed and released in some form. In the meantime, episode two will release tomorrow across all platforms as planned. We hope to have answers for your other questions soon.”

While the fate of the remaining episodes in season four are still up in the air, more hope is available now than when the company initially announced its closure.

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