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Five ways The Walking Dead can get rid of Rick

By M.L. Lewis

Getting rid of Rick is going to be one of the most difficult tasks in the show’s history. Fans have grown to love him and it’s going to be a terrible loss. Though most of the information surrounding when and how he’ll die is still shady one can only hope they do him justice and with great dignity.

5. A Walker’s Bite
A bite would be a quick and convenient way to kill him off. Walkers are everywhere so it’s not uncommon for a character to slip up and get bitten. They may be dwindling in numbers over the last few seasons, but they are not gone completely from existence. If Rick would be bitten it would most likely go down in a similar situation Aaron and Daryl faced in season five. That would be the only way a bite would take out Rick Grimes.
4. Negan’s Revenge Plot
Negan is currently locked in prison since the war ended many years ago. Rick has been visiting him and trying to reform him into a productive member of society according to Carl’s wishes. What a better way to have Negan make a comeback! He escapes prison and kills Rick in the process. He then uses this murder to strike fear in his former team on the Savior’s compound. This would help jump-start a new Negan storyline. Unfortunately for Negan, the fans have grown weary of him and eagerly want a new villain, like The Whisperers (wink, wink).
3. Daryl’s Rage
Wouldn’t be the first time Daryl’s rage got someone killed (RIP Glenn and Abraham). As the show has progressed over the last few years Daryl has been developing quite the nasty attitude. He has a punch-first-think-later mindset that the fans have grown quite weary of. Instead of thinking a situation through Daryl kicks in the door and starts firing like a madman. This scenario would most likely go down with him and Rick having a disagreement and Daryl losing his temper. Daryl would feel extremely remorseful afterwards though. He and Rick are like brothers and that would be an awful way to die. This would also spur a lot of bad blood making him even more hated than ever before.

2. The M.A.S.H. Approach
For those who don’t know classic TV MASH was a popular show on during the 70s and 80s. It’s a dramedy about a group of military medics in the combat zone during the Korean War. Well in one of the episodes a popular character named Henry Blake died in an accident that later became one of the greatest scenes in TV history. Henry Blake died in route over the Sea of Japan after being discharged from the army. What a better way to pay respects to the classic show then recreating this with Rick Grimes.

1. The Sunset
The best and the most respectful way to get rid of Rick would be to have him ride off into the sunset. He can go on a supply run or a search for more survivors and is just never seen again. This would be the best way because it gives his death more meaning and some hope. Hope that one day he would return.

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