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New promo art for Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead released

The art department at AMC has been working overtime creating new promotional images for both The Walking Dead and its sister show Fear the Walking Dead. The images were released this week for the shows, which return in October and August, respectively.


The Walking Dead image gives us a few things to go on. First, is an older looking Rick, front and center. With word that star Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show, it could be the last time we see him in artwork like this. The change in his appearance could be attributed to a time jump in the show.

Another clue that we’re moving forward in the timeline is Lauren Cohan  who is seen behind Rick. Her character Maggie is not pregnant in the photo, indicating that her child (who she has been carrying for two seasons) has finally been born.

Carol is present with a shorter hairstyle and she is no longer wearing Kingdom armor. Perhaps she has moved on to a different mindset following the conclusion of the All Out War story-line. Rounding out the cast are Daryl and Michonne, who pretty much look like they have in recent seasons.

The background gives us a little clue as to what might be happening. First and foremost is the helicopter. Who has it and what are they doing with it? Only time will tell. The other element is the U.S. Capitol building, which suggests that the crew might be making a trip from Alexandria, Va. to Washington D.C. This should be too surprising, since the towns are actually less than 10 miles apart.


The Fear art shows the cast that remained following the events of the midseason finale. No more Nick, no more Madison. In fact, the majority of the characters shown are those who were added this season and Lenny James’s Morgan is shown largest.

It’s an interesting take to make Morgan the series lead, as the character has had such a troubled past on The Walking Dead. His struggle with PTSD has led to some rather erratic and unstable behavior.

As for the swirling vortex background, let’s hope they don’t do a zombie tornado, as Syfy’s Z Nation already went there.

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