Zombie television

Z Nation actors cleared for work

By Chris Post

An announcement by local leadership of the Portland-area chapter of the Screen Actors Guild clears union actors to resume working on the SyFy zombie series Z Nation.

A stop order had been issued, forbidding SAG-AFTRA members from working on the show until several financial issues were resolved. According to posts on the Portland chapter’s Facebook page, residuals from several past seasons had not been paid.

In addition, SAG-AFTRA representatives were investigating claims that producers had asked non-local actors to work as locals. This would have required the actors to give up benefits for travel and lodging that producers were contractually obligated to pay.

On May 18, Robert Blanche, Portland’s local SAG-AFTRA president, issued a statement clearing actors to resume working.

“SAG-AFTRA has conditionally cleared the series pending receipt of additional documents and earmarked funds for Season 5,” Blanche said. “The Union has obtained additional financial assurances toward mitigating past and future Residuals obligations for SAG-AFTRA members on the past two seasons of the series.”

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