Zombie films

 Z-O-M-B-I-E-S or how to turn your child into a zombie fan in one PG-13 movie.

By Margot Allemand
For many live or die zombie fans, making their children love the zombie world is a must, especially if kid themselves don’t want to get disowned at a very young age. If this is one of your current worries, there is a movie which could turn them into zombie lovers at a very young age.
MV5BNDExMjI0YTAtZDg5Yy00MTAxLWJmMTctNjA3ZWZkNzI5YzY1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTA2OTMxODk@._V1_Z-O-M-B-I-E-S is a Disney Channel Original Movie, focused on dance music and of course, zombies.You might have never heard of it, and your children might not have seen it yet, because this movie is relatively new. In fact, the movie was released on February 16, 2018.
The movie is your typical Disney Channel movie. At first it looks they took the “good” old High School musical and made a zombie version, but the story is a bit different. The movie starts with Zed played by Milo Manheim whose dream is to join his High School football team and Meg Donnelly in the role of Addison, a little human whose life revolves around cheerleading. Yes, they are going to fall in love. Shocking. Not.
The zombies play a very important part in the movie. Although you won’t see any blood, it’s a good start for children to kind of understand the zombie world. At the beginning of webANXbehindtheblamthe movie, we learn how zombies were created. In fact, it is the little technical problem which occurred 50 years ago in the “picture perfect” town of Seabrook that turned people to turn into zombies.
The story explains that every person that touched the “mysterious green haze” turned into zombies, which could explain why in the movie most zombies green hair. Of course, not everyone became part of the undead, so people who remained human decided to build a nice little wall to protect them from eating people’s brain. This happy place is called Zombietown.
The story starts with our buddy Zed who explains that big changes have occurred and that the government has now created bracelets names Z-brands which “deliver doses of soothing electromagnetic pulses” that basically stop them from killing people for their brains.- Take note Walking Dead producers-. This technological advance is going to enable zombies and humans to finally coexist in peace especially at the beautiful and not weird at all Seabrook High School.
Although a discussion about the fact that the movie makers’ choice of picking a shrimp as a school mascot is really questionable, the movie is actually nice. The decor and the world full of bright color that Disney has created surprisingly works. Although it doesn’t look realistic, the entire decor on one side really dark and on the other really bright makes sense, and as those two worlds collide with each other, you will slowly see those colors starting to mix together as well.
MILO MANHEIMNow, of course, as a Disney Channel movie, this movie involves a little bit of a musical. The songs are not bad and are not too present either. Of course, if your children are going to sing them to you for the next 10 days, in which case, yes they will turn you crazy no matter what. If the acting is not exceptional like what you may be used to, for a Disney movie it is very good quality, as well as having actors who naturally have a nice voice whether they sing or talk.
But most importantly, this movie sends a real message to its very young audience. In a world were sadly racism is still very present and many people still are not open-minded, this movie sends a real message of tolerance. As a matter of fact, throughout the entire movie Addison and Zed both advocated diversity and respect, and because of them, huge changes for the entire town will be seen at the end of the movie.
One other big and important message to send to young children is the importance of uniqueness in a world that judges so easily. And this movie does just that, throughout the character of Addison, who hides a secret to fit in around her friends, she will slowly start to embrace her difference and finally learn how to love herself.
Overall, the movie is a good movie for children and teenagers. Although there is no blood or gore scene, the movie is a good start to introduce the undead world to a young audience. So get ready to see human teenagers wear cool zombie apparel, and cheerleader cheering for the undead to win a game, and more importantly TURN YOUR KID INTO A ZOMBIE FAN.

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