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Review: Santa Clarita Diet season 2 is a delicious second helping


By Margot Allemand

Netflix just released the season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet and the fans couldn’t be happier. After leaving Sheila locked up in the basement and Joel waiting to get out of an asylum, everything picks up right where we left it.

This season kicks off with one hell of a bloody episode thanks to Sheila new personality trait: savage. Indeed, you don’t have to wait too long to see a big amount of blood and body parts casually laying around in the middle of a serious family conversation. Episode one quickly reassures your secret fan soul that this season is about to be epic.

Although this season stays true to the first one, a lot of major things will be happening. First of all, the first episode sets the tone with the stark reality that Sheila can not be cured. However, a cure is found to stop her zombie syndrome from getting worse thanks to our favorite teenage nerd, Eric. This small cure will tremendously help our poor Joel, who has been wanting to keep his wife under control.

t5sbiwdabipjop4ures7Let’s face it, Joel, your life will never go back to normal. But this aside, this season doesn’t lose sight of real life problems that everyone may face, except we all wish our life events were as comical – but less bloody- than the Hammond family. In fact, the season examines subjects such as job competition, teenagers losing their virginity, losing a job, getting baptized -Yes this is happening-, friendship, etc.

Killing and zombie-related problems will of course be fully present this season. Although Sheila can’t get any more savage than she is now, she will have to be watched most of the time to make sure she doesn’t murder someone because they give her a weird look or snap her fingers, like, literally, SNAP them.

One big plot of season two that we as fans hope to understand more if a season three is made, would be the mysterious knights that we discovered but were somehow left on the side when the Hammond family had to save the world from red clams and run from Anne’s curiosity. And what about Mr. Ball Legs? The mix between a spider, heart and evil little pet seems to play an important role in the zombie infection and perhaps about a full reversing cure?

A big surprised this season is obviously Gary’s comeback from the death, or rather half comeback since he is missing most of his body. However, his face and brain are still here and, oddly, very much alive. Who would have thought that we would end up loving the bromance between nasty Gary and nervous Joel?

Nobody expected to see him again, at least on this show, but we did and what a success. Even though we first wanted Sheila and Joel to kill him once and for all, we are happy they did not. As a matter of fact, his character was actually quite nice this season; funny at times and very good at giving advice when the couple needed it. Let’s be real, we kind of need to thank him for keeping Joel sane through it all.

This season was also about Abby and Eric’s on-going love-story-but-not-really situation. 3353307-santaclaritadiet-4Ramona decided to leave her store and surprised everyone, she also slowed down Abby and Eric’s relationship. Great. We learned that Ramona should either just stay at her store to advise clients or get the hell out of Santa Clarita.

With the Ramona tournado finally out of the picture Eric and Abby were surprisingly fine, I mean kind of, they are still overly awkward teenagers. They had each other’s back throughout it all and even though Eric is a puss, he still managed to help her parents by being one of a kind zombie doctor and by finding out very important information concerning the zombie disease.

Now let’s talk about the new badass of the show, Abby. Watch out for the little innocent red hair, because she is coming for you and she is determined. She seems to have finally found a purpose in life and Tray Girl is ready to fight for what is right, whether it is to save the environment or her family always accompanied by her sidekick, Eric. Let’s just say she will blow your mind and more…

Over all, this season was the perfect amount of fun, gore and WTF moments. You will find yourself thinking this is too absurd to even work and that they are going to get caught, and yet the show will surprise you in the blink of an eye EVERY TIME. You will laugh, you will scream, you will wonder who came up with all those weird ideas, but at the end you will only ask for more.

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