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iZombie review: The scratching post gets lit…

By Margot Allemand

The fourth episode of iZombie, started the same way  the third episode ended… With an overly-romantic Liv, except this time it ended with a dance off between bffs.

The episode, “Brainless in Seattle Part 2,” picked up where we left Liv and Clive the week prior; still trying to catch a serial killer. We all feel sorry for our dude Clive who has to deal with the zombie version of Bridget Jones, and it suddenly makes sense why it is taking them so long to find this serial killer as her attention span is at an all time low. That is, unless she is thinking about her new soulmates.

Major has to find a camera that has a video of soldier scratching a civilian, which is a smart reference to all the events that have been happening in America lately. As we follow him and his crew as well as the Filmore Graves guys, it’s hard not to see the HUGE hints of an oppression settling in Seattle. And it gets weird watching Major being a part of it when back in season 1 through season 3 he was all about saving the world.

Blaine is on a brain that makes him say the truth. Where was this brain last season when he faked being human? Anyways, his character who is already comical is even more enjoyable on this episode as he tells all of his little secrets to everyone who asks him anything, along with telling his employee he is underpaid without even caring a little.

He also reveals he has the zombie cure to Don E, who acts all surprised and excited, which once again remind us how stupid and naive Don E really is. Of course, we as viewers are everything but surprised. If anything, it was predictable.

A new cop arrived and since Liv has seen Clive’s girlfriend kissing someone else, it is without surprise that she tries everything she can to make them spend time together, whether they wants to or not. She really needs to eat someone’s else brain, because lovey-dovey Liv does way too much in the name of love.

Overall the town is still low on brains, human trafficking has become a real thing and Chase Graves starts to be unsure of what he should do about, well, about everything. He is so desperate that he asks Blaine for help. Meanwhile Blaine’s dad is just living his life as an evil zombie prophet or “Brother Love” as he calls himself.

Romantic Liv is way too dramatic and annoying throughout the entire episode, but we thank the victim’s brain for giving a pure moment of happiness at the end of the episode. In fact, Liv finally comes to the realization that she will always love her friends no matter what, and that itself is more important than any random “soulmate.” Although Peyton, Ravi and Liv have not been really close to Major since the beginning of the season, the dance off restored our faith that Major, Peyton, Liv and Ravi are still THE ultimate dream team!

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