Zombie television

Santa Clarita Diet set to rise for season 2


By Margot Allemand

Fans waiting to sink their teeth into the second season of the Netflix zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet have about a month to wait. The streaming service announced this week that show starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant returns for a second helping on March 23.

The release date’s reveal comes a few days after it was announced that Joel McHale would be joining the cast for season two. McHale is known for  hosting The Soup and portraying Jeff Winger on the NBC/Yahoo! sitcom Community. He will play a real estate agent in Santa Clarita Diet.

Season one, created by Victor Fresco, ran 10 episodes and had good reviews as well as


Joel McHale, center, will be joining the cast of Santa Clarita Diet for season 2.

criticism for being slightly graphic. How ironic when the plot is about a real estate agent who is suddenly turned into a zombie with a craving for human flesh.

The first episode of Santa Clarita Diet begins with a real estate agent couple Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and their teenage daughter (Liv Hewson) whose lives are typical of any Californian suburban family. But everything changes when Sheila suddenly starts transitioning into a zombie and starts craving raw meat.

At first Sheila feels energized, more focused and finally has found her lost libido. She is also very, and I insist on very, driven by her id. It only took us one episode to see her kill for the first time ever, when she ends up eating a man who wants an affair with her. Although nobody will be missing this jerk, it awakens her love for human flesh, which announces the path the season is taking.

Watching Santa Clarita Diet can be a tiny bit of an adjustment, especially for the people who may have been used to Timothy Olyphant playing tough guy roles. Olyphant actually admitted in a Los Angeles Daily News’ interview that this role actually fits his personality off the screen.

The show is comical as we watch the family deal with eccentric neighbors, a teen in crisis, all while casually killing people that “ deserve it,” hiding bodies and trying to elucidate an ancient Serbian myth. The show portrays both the daily struggle of being a zombie and the struggle of raising a family in today’s society.

Yes, the undead have their problems too. In fact Sheila was not so enthused about eating a dead man’s hairy leg, but Joel came in clutch with a razor, after he watched his wife puke a ball of hair. Although, most of us probably never thought about this being a problem, it probably reassures many hairy men of their safety in case of an apocalypse.

Santa Clarita Diet is undoubtedly gory, starting with a nice and green Exorcist-style projectile vomit to begin the season. Viewers should definitely get prepared to see a lot of dead body parts and bloody shakes for breakfast.

But overall the butchery aspect of the show is well balanced with the cast chemistry and the hilarious events the family keep getting into.

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