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War Z game drops live action commercial

Mobile strategy game Last Empire – War Z (LEWZ) from im30 Studio has released its first live action Commercial, “Zombie Rush.” The video, available on YouTube and Facebook, coincides with LEWZ’s global Google Play Store Feature and in-game Zombie Holiday Activities. In Zombie Rush, join the heroes of Last Empire – War Z as they set a deadly trap for a horde of zombies with the help of some heavy metal holiday music! The video brings to life LEWZ’s in-game “Speakers” function where players use giant speakers to attract zombies to be mowed down. It also highlights the brand new “WarZ Loot Shake” feature where players can shake their phone to collect rewards, as well as special Google Play deals and limited-time holiday themes and activities.

The worldwide Google Play Store feature is a testament to LEWZ’s global appeal – the game boasts over 1 million Daily Active Users from dozens of countries. LEWZ is also debuting its all-new WarZ Loot Shake feature. Players can now collect Diamonds from WarZ Loot simply by shaking their phones when the WarZ Loot icon appears in a chat window! Alliance members can send and receive WarZ Loot Diamonds through Alliance Chat, so players should check and shake frequently to make sure they don’t miss any gifts!

LEWZ is also celebrating the holidays! Snow has fallen on the world map, marching troops have been replaced by Santa’s Sleighs and even the zombies are festive! Players can battle Sinister Santa zombie world bosses to collect holiday Snowballs and Christmas Candy, which can then be combined into 3 different types of rewards. For players who want to show off, a limited-time Christmas Base Skin transforms their Base into a Steepled Christmas Castle. And for those looking for competition, new Alliance Arms Races allow Alliances to test their strength and teamwork against every Alliance from all servers to win Amazing Alliance-based rewards!

Zombie Rush/Holiday Activity Key Content:

  • Live action “Zombie Rush” Commercial released on YouTube, Facebook
  • Last Empire – War Z will receive a global feature on the Google Play Store
  • Zombie Rush features the actual in-game Speaker mechanic, as well as the new “WarZ Loot Shake” feature.
  • LEWZ is celebrating Zombie Christmas and New Year’s with a new Christmas-themed world map, world bosses and special activities

Last Empire – War Z Key Features

  • Zombie-themed, F2P mobile strategy game
  • Train fearsome Zombie Troops. Send your enemies fleeing in terror from your zombie army!
  • Recruit 13 powerful Officers to fight for you, each with their own unique special abilities
  • Varied P2P challenges: Everything from huge Cross-server battles to Alliance Wars to solo battles against zombies!
  • Build and develop your city: A variety of tech, equipment and skill trees let you develop your city, your way. Competitions and prizes for non-combat activities reward players who prioritize development or resources!
  • Zombies are fun! What’s more fun than battling zombies? Squish some zombies with your finger!

Download Last Empire – War Z and play for free at:

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.longtech.lastwars.gp&hl=en

Apple App Store: https://go.onelink.me/1779633430?pid=XMAS2016&c=US_PR


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