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Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse gets online multiplayer update

Aniode has released a new update to Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse. This update represents a substantial increase into the content offered to users, including a new online multiplayer beta, a new game mode called “Egg Guardian,” and a new arena in which to battle the undead – Piccadilly Circus.

According to a release from the company, a lot of gamers asked for the online multiplayer. The update allows players to combine local co-op play and online gaming, so zombies can be obliterated with friends near and far. As well as online there is also the new game mode “Egg Guardian.” This is the most challenging and entertaining extra the game has seen yet and like the others can be made even more hectic if played with 8 players.


“It’s been a tough 8 months but we are finally there,” said developer Rob Saxton. “Ever since we started showing the game off at gaming events around the UK, we knew online was something people wanted. We’re just so excited to get this update out and see people from all over the world take on the zombies together!”

In the world of the game, humans have succumbed to a Zombie plague. Desperate to prevent their extinction, animals have been forced to take what weapons remain and fight the undead. Great bears and enraged elephants wield everything from swords to freeze-rays in a chaotic crusade to ensure their survival. Users play as an animal as they battle with friends against the apocalypse, whilst taking the time to protect penguins and rescue cute kitties.


In Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse the animals are in charge and will stop at nothing to regain the world they once knew. To help them, each animal has a rage move that is uniquely adapted to obliterate the undead. When raging each animal intensifies their attack on the zombies, the duck sucks them into a tornado, the elephant charges through the hordes sending them flying. To help the main players, smaller animals can be strategically put down as defences, these are useful tools so place your suicidal snails and firing flamingos carefully!

Chaotic hordes of undead zombies will run anywhere and jump over anything in order to feast on your flesh. They have many tricks to stop you, from vomiting toxic liquid, to turning their heads into bombs and launching them at you. Get past a few waves of these minions and you will be confronted by far greater enemies, such as angry dinner ladies, crazy clowns and even more fearsome foes.

Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse is available on Steam for $12.99.


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