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ZomBehead!: The zombie attack has begun!

Indie developer, Pappu Games has announced the release of ZomBehead!, its game for iOS devices.

ZomBehead! features 18 non-stop crazy levels, funny characters, a cool story line and original mechanics.

Pre Story

The roots of this game stretch way back to before the story were fleshed out and development started.

“Back in 2006, we had an idea. We invented a way for private farmers to avoid the bloody process of beheading their chickens,” said developer Marat Barsky. “You may not know this, but these birds would continue to run around the yard without their heads, can you imagine the sight? You might have a chicken bump into you or even chase after you. So, to avoid these gory, curious and unsettling situations altogether, we invented a black box with an entry door at one end and a round hole at the other, closed off with a steel plate. You see, that plate is actually a guillotine blade and the hole is where the bird’s head should go. A bird is placed in the box and the door is closed. Then the little window opens to let light into the box. The bird will obviously stick its head out towards the light, at which point the guillotine is triggered, beheading the bird, except now its body doesn’t leave the box.”

For better or for worse, the invention was not implemented as described, although they did make it into a game with a completely different story.


The Story

Once upon a time, on a small farm, the Villain arrived with his assistants.

The Villain lured Roosters from the farm into his domain and used his assistants’ magic to turn the Roosters into Zombies, sending them to eliminate all Chickens on the farm.

The Zombie attack has begun!

Farmers found out about the Zombie attack and set their traps.



To vanquish the Villain, you must to eliminate the horde of Zombies! You take on the role of the farm defender and rebuffing the Zombies. Because the number of Zombies grows ever larger, the number of traps increases as well.

Zombies may appear in these traps at any moment, which is where you come in, beheading these undead. If the you can’t behead a Zombie, a zombie will bite, causing you lose points and lives. BUT! Healthy Chickens might also stick its head out and get trapped. If you behead a chicken, you will lose points and lives, and new Zombies will appear.

There are also bonuses which will help to complete the game.


Mallet – protects against a Zombie bite, loss of lives and points. This bonus helps you finish the game without losing life and points.

Helmet – protects chickens from beheading. If you accidentally hit a Chicken, you won’t lose lives or points, and no new Zombies will appear. This bonus helps you finish the game without losing life and points.

Life – extra lives help you complete the game but don’t guarantee that your points will remain intact for a high score.

Coins – by accumulating coins, you will be able to access a new hero or continue the game directly from a stopping point.


It is possible to choose a hero that you can use in the game. Players use their accumulated game coins or purchase heroes at the store. By acquiring a certain hero, you get access to an easier way of completing the game.


Farmer – starter hero. You have 5 lives + 5 anti-zombie mallets + 5 protective helmets for Chickens.

Hunter – extra hero. You have 10 lives + 10 anti-zombie mallets + 10 protective helmets for Chickens.

Knight – extra hero. You have 25 lives + 25 anti-zombie mallets + 25 protective helmets for Chickens.

Ninja – extra hero. You have 50 lives + 50 anti-zombie mallets + 50 protective helmets for Chickens.


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