Zombie television

New AMC zombie series in production

By Chris Post

Fans of the Walking Dead will be waiting until October for the return of the series, but its sister show “Fear the Walking Dead” will be out this summer.

Set in L.A. at the start of the zombie outbreak, this show will actually be a “prequel” of sorts with a timeline that, for now, is not concurrent with the existing show.

The show is the brainchild of Robert Kirkman, who created the original Walking Dead comics, and Dave Erickson, who will be the new series’s showrunner. Both men say FTWD will try to remain true to what fans of the original show have come to respect while presenting something fresh.

Kirkman said the show aims to tell its own story and that viewers will not have had to watch The Walking Dead to understand what’s going on. Erickson promises and an action-driven stories.

“It’s incredibly dynamic,” he said.

A familiar face on the set of FTWD is executive producers Greg Nicotero, the master of special effects for both shows.

“We’ve worked very, very hard to give it its own identity, but keep it true to the Walking Dead world we’ve created,” he said.

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