Zombie television

Second Walking Dead trailer released

The folks over at AMC are preparing for the return of their most popular show ever. That’s right zombie fans, The Walking Dead rises from the mid-season grave on Feb. 8.


Rick and the group were lost in the fog in the first season 5 midseason trailer.

The first trailer was a teaser, showing only the cast firing off round after round into a dense foggy smoke. There wasn’t much substance other than Rick’s gravelly narration telling the group that they would survive together.

The second trailer gives fans of the show more of what they want: zombies. There are a host of walkers in the short clip promising that Rick and company are still very much living in a zombie apocalypse.

What the clip doesn’t show is the next round of human adversaries. If there is one thing we’ve learned from the show so far it’s that living people are as likely to kill you as a zombie. If the show continues to follow the general direction of the comics that inspired it, then we’re likely to see the group make its way to Alexandria, home of a number of unsavory characters.

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