Zombie television

AMC releases Walking Dead promo art

The-Walking-Dead_1500x1156Good news fans of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead: the show returns in a month! In preparation for the mid-season premiere, AMC has released the above artwork and it’s a fantastic picture of a map. But not just any map, it’s the map that Abraham left for Rick. You know, the one that Rick left behind at the church that was later discovered by Morgan.

The image also show Rick and Daryl looking back. This is in stark contrast to the last season’s artwork which bore dontlookbackspecific instructions not to look back. At that time, the group was broken and left fleeing the prison. Rick was alone with Carl and the image showed only them. The new artwork shows more of the team, but they seem to be walking away and fading into a fog or smoke. In both cases, the sky is filled with dark clouds.

Season five’s opening half was a whirlwind of emotions with Carol finding (and saving) the group at Terminus, with the revelation that mullet-head Eugene isn’t actually a scientist and isn’t capable of stopping the zombies, with the of Judith to her father and ending with the death of Beth Green. Without a permanent home, the group will be on the move again. Will they continue on toward Washington D.C., the destination marked on the map in the artwork, or will their path lead them to Alexandria, location of the “safe area” known to fans of the comic books? Only time will tell.


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