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Zombie Apocalypse comes to South Africa

New in the bookstores is Lee Herrmann’s novel “Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse,” a gripping tale of a new South Africa that you can really sink your teeth into.

Author2-Lee-Herrmann-700x933The novel explores South Africa after a mysterious virus breaks out and suddenly turns ordinary people into flesh eating zombies. The police and army are powerless to stop its spread and soon the entire country is consumed.

“Who doesn’t love zombies right now? It’s a fashionable trend and I’m happy it’s getting such high-profile exposure at the moment. I’ve always been a massive zombie-fan and always debated what would happen if an outbreak happened in South Africa. So it made sense to turn it into a book,” said Herrmann.

The Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse is available from Amazon, Kalahari, Porcupine Press and Loot as an e-book.

Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse is a coming of age story in a very different South Africa, and chronicles one family’s fight for survival against the undead people. The book, a light read of 180 pages, will have you turning page after page as you are enthralled with the journey and survival of the survivors as they make their way to the island of hope.

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