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4WD launches “Scrap Heap to Slayer Jeep” zombies sweepstakes

4WD, has unleashed its “Scrap Heap to Slayer Jeep” Sweepstakes, with off-road enthusiasts voting on parts, entering into a drawing to win giveaways, and receiving free gear. For the next three months, entrants will vote online at the entry page for lift kits, bumpers, and a wheel/tire combo. The winning parts elected will be added on to a 2000 TJ the 4WD team rescued from the salvage yard to transform it into a roadworthy Jeep prepared to slay zombies.


“4WD had an overwhelming response to our Jeepers vs. Zombies Sweepstakes last year, and now we’re giving Jeep enthusiasts a chance to take a new journey with us,” says 4WD Website Manager, Kelly Young. “We’re telling the story of a Jeep build through blog posts and videos, and our entrants are the experts voting on the best parts to get the TJ battle-ready for zombies,” she laughs.

Every 4×4 fan who enters receives a free 2014/15 Zombie Hunting Permit and 4WD catalog. The July vote is for lift kits from various manufacturers, in August, entrants will elect a set of front and rear bumpers, and in September, the vote is for a wheel/tire combo. By voting, off-road enthusiasts have a random chance in drawings that will award them with the winning parts for their own Jeeps.

In addition to randomly selected winners, those who amass the most sweepstakes bonus points earn a $100 4WD gift certificate and a “Scrap Heap to Slayer Jeep” t-shirt. Points will add up for those who share the URL with their Jeep and truck friends on social platforms or like 4WD on Facebook.

“The TJ we picked up from the salvage yard was just about to be crushed,” says Sean Campbell, 4WD General Manager. “We have a few surprise parts and accessories we’re going to upgrade the Jeep with and I think off-roaders will be amazed at the transformation it’s undergoing.” Plans are for the built-out slayer Jeep to be unveiled at an upcoming off-road Jeep event.

A chronicle of the build will be online in story format and told through YouTube videos. 4WD is also making zombie gear available, including reflective Zombie Hunting Permit decals, t-shirts, zombie attack dog tags, and survival packs to combat the reanimated.

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