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Mysterious ‘zombie-themed’ product seeks backers

ZomBcall announced a crowdfunding initiative on Kickstarter.com that is set for June 2014. Christopher Oliver and James Villepigue will be launching a new Kickstarter funding drive to raise funds to manufacture their new invention, ZomBcall, a zombie-themed novelty device. While the exact nature of what ZomBcall is actually remains a mystery, the inventors confirm they have two fully working prototypes that are ready to manufacture once funding has been achieved.

“ZomBcall is going to blow the minds of zombie enthusiasts everywhere. While we have kept the development under wraps, we have shared the concept with a few people and they have absolutely freaked out. There is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for zombies in popular culture, and we believe we have a zombie device that is going to really tap into this and strike a nerve. By later in summer, we expect to become a household name,” says Christopher Oliver, co-founder of ZomBcall.com.

Oliver and Villepigue expect to launch a 30-day Kickstater campaign toward the end of June 2014 to raise funds to produce a large quantity of their new invention. For more information about the new ZomBcall zombie-themed device, visit ZomBcall.com.

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