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Zombie Byte! Kickstarter under way

Game Forward Studio has announced the launch of the Zombie Byte Kickstarter Campaign. Inspired by video game culture, Zombie Byte! is a 2D side-scrolling action adventure game title for all ages on iOS & Android. Playing as a boy named Miles you will battle zombified versions of his video games characters in a quest to uncover the connection between Miles and the zombie video game outbreak.

The Zombie Byte Kickstarter Campaign launched on May 13th with a run time of 30 days. Starting at a base goal of $95,000.00, there will also be an additional 11 stretch goals bringing the total funding goal to $555,555.55. Stretch goals range from the ultra difficult Zombie Master! game mode, to battling your zombified friends in the Zombie Friends! game mode, to releasing Zombie Byte! on other gaming platforms, and Controller Support. For more information on stretch goals please see our Zombie Byte Kickstarter Campaign link below.

Backers of the Zombie Byte Kickstarter Campaign will be treated to a range of appealing rewards at the accompanying reward tiers. A sample list of rewards are below with more information available on the Kickstarter preview link.

* Miles CosPlay costume set.
* Laser Engraved Zombie Byte! Dog Tag 8GB USB Flash Drive with ball chain necklace.
* Miles Action Figure 8GB USB Flash Drive.
* Digital Copies of the game Zombie Byte! on multiple gaming platforms.
* Backers names being added in-game to the ending game credits.
* Exclusive Backer only T-shirts
* Autographed Memorabilia by the Dev Team of Zombie Byte!

Inspired by video game culture, Zombie Byte! is set in an alternate universe where players take on the role of a boy named Miles as he battles zombie versions of his video games characters. Through out Miles adventures players will partake in a story driven experience filled with triumph, deception, and plot twists as they uncover the true connection between Miles and the zombie video game outbreak.

Miles is a lovable, witty, smart, and adept 13 year old boy who has a deep passion for all things video game. An avid gamer and collector, Miles has amassed the world’s largest video game collection in his parents basement. But one day while playing video games a portal suddenly opens and Miles video games characters come to life as zombies and start emerging from his TV.

As Miles confronts the zombie video game outbreak he may become overwhelmed in need of help. Through social media Game Forward Studio has created a interactive gameplay system for players in the Zombie Byte community to help one another in times of need. Dubbed “Play it Forward” players can request and provide Health and Power Ups from one another during those intense moments.

Zombie Byte!’s core gameplay centers around Miles running, jumping, shooting, swinging through the air with his grapple hook, and piloting a mech. Accompanied by a cartoon 2D Art Style with 3D visual effects, Zombie Byte! makes use of a mix of puzzle elements, scripted sequences, and boss battles to create gameplay variety.

Other key elements of Zombie Byte! are listed as followed.

* Family friendly for all ages with absolutely no grotesque imagery in the game
* Zombie Friends! mode, zombify your social media friends to battle in-game (if stretch goal is met).
* Hardcore and Zombie Master! game modes with increased difficulty (if stretch goals are met)
* Built in the Unity game engine
* Achievements, Leaderboards, and Stat tracking

Additional links and information can be found below

Zombie Byte! Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1130224229/411416582…

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