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R2games announces closed beta test for Zombies Ate My Pizza

Global online games publisher Reality Squared Games has just announced the upcoming release of their newest browser game, Zombies Ate My Pizza. The Closed Beta test for the game launched on Monday, March 10th and will end on Wednesday, March 19th at 22:00 EDT.


Developed by Funova Technology, Zombies Ate My Pizza is a top-down, MMO action shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. Taking inspiration from anime in its character design, the game offers intense action and fierce events while delivering comic relief with its quirky dialogue and singular storyline. After selecting between two unique character classes, players embark in various missions to collect supplies, clear invaded areas and fight boss battles. Key features include daily missions, basic training in 3v3 battle mode, a Superpower system and player-run Militias.


Zombies Ate My Pizza takes place in a world in turmoil. An evil race of extraterrestrial bugs has landed on Earth and infected the population with a deadly virus. The epidemic has turned people’s brains into spongy dough, making them think humans are freshly-baked pizzas. Now these soulless, ravenous hordes won’t stop until they get the last slice — threatening to wipe out mankind for good. Only a handful of strongholds remain, and simply surviving is no longer enough… It’s time to blast those zombies back to the nether world.


As part of the Closed Beta test, R2Games will hold a series of special events during which “cheddar” – the game’s premium currency – will be given out to players. Once the test is over, all character and account data will be deleted. Further details will be available via the official website and Facebook Page for Zombies Ate My Pizza.

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  1. Now – 30/10/2014 – all the BUGS in the game:

    “Some of the bugs that i remember by heart:
    1) Crate Gatsby – Main Gun is useless…you can only break crates with subgun or skills…
    2) 3v3 – at least 3 times per day (usually more) even if i kill all opposite players, i get stuck inside match, waiting for the time countdown to finish to see the results of the match…if you refresh browser it counts as loss, so you HAVE to wait until the time is over.
    3) Daily Militia Quest Arena – we used to get count by fight, now changed to wins, i.e., if you loose in Arena match, that doesnt count to gather 5 counts to get the reward, only WINS!
    4) Arena – In arena you almost killed the opponent and you shooting and shooting and he is not dying. After a while you die because he is also doing damage.
    5) Militia members bug – Some players get stuck inside militia even if they were kicked out from militia. I can see them in Militia-Members, if i click on them i can see they not in any militia. If i try to kick i receive an error.
    6) Friends Invitation – Friends List invitation is disabled, we can only invite militia members.
    7) Grenadier Super Laser Cannon Skill, sometimes you use it, energy is spent, but there is no beam shot and no damage done, usually after refreshing browser it comes back to normal, but it is starting to get more frequent and VERY ANNOYING!!!

    Some points that r2 are doing it wrong:
    1) Raised the Gold Refinement cost – over 1 million gold (and rising) for one try is such a rip-off [still the old ref system even in the original (chinese) version];
    2) Wings – Changed Wings to be obtainable only with Cheddar [still exchangeable with Wing Shards in the original (chinese) version];
    3) Morph Stone – Raised even the D morph stone cost from 100 to 450 cheddar;
    4) Crate Gatsby – Made Crate Gatsby give less gold.
    5) Chips – Made harder to find yellow (gold) or red (ruby) chips, making players buy cheddar and get crumbs in point of interest or other events;
    6) Wings Shard – Not introducing Rare Wings Shards (purple) in CSA, neither giving information of when we will get that.
    7) Gem Lockbox – Downgraded Gem Lockboxes dropped in World Boss to level 2 only
    8) Lvl.5 gem lockboxes dropped in World Events almost never gives higher then lvl.3 gems;
    Much appreciated to make the game even less enjoyable to play/cash.
    9) Cheddarrite??? Is that a joke? REALLY!?!?!? Now free players cant:
    a) socket gems lvl.6+ anymore,
    b) activate powers
    c) or anything that cheddar allow you to do…i bought some cheddar in the past, and always saved cheddar from devotion, but now devoltion just lost it purpose, since we did it mostly because of the cheddar reward…

    Some things that r2 is forgeting to do:
    1) Top EXP level – Not releasing lvl.101+, i.e. once you reach lvl.100 you stay there! Original version (Chinese) has lvl.150 !
    2) Genes Diagram – Genes C6+ should had been available after lvl.90, but nothing yet!
    3) Zombie Hunter Title – How do we know how many zombies did you kill? Does anyone has that title? I am playing this for over a year…and i am pretty sure i already killed over 5000 zombies in Hold the Zombies
    4) Rare Wings Shards – When the hell are they going to be dropped in Cross-Server Arena???
    5) Skill Points: Is it going to be like this for the rest of the game? You get skill points until lvl.90, after that you just stop getting them? “

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