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Catching up with ‘Red Wings,’ actor Brad Potts

Brad Potts is a working actor, having appeared in everything from Disney Channel shows to major motion pictures. But for fans of the zombie film genre, he is known as Red Wings, an articulate and prophetic leader of a gang of bikers fighting the undead in Zombies vs Strippers.

The role was actually the second time Potts had faced on against zombies, having earlier appeared in the short film Summer of the Zombies.

“The two2 projects could not have been more different,” he said. “SOTZ featured a vegan hippy chic, who becomes a Zombie and consequently, eats only fruits & veggies. Zombies vs Strippers was all about gore and naked women.


Potts said Strippers was the first project he did for Full Moon Features, noting that he knew the casting Director Jeremiah Lutes and he asked him to read for it. He described being part of the project as “pretty cool,” but added that being around a cast of beautiful and naked women made most of the rest of the experience a bit of a blur.

Although his character never becomes a zombie, Potts said the make-up effects for the film were the dowzombiesvstrippersnside.

“On my first day, during which I was tackled by a zombie, I was covered in Zombie Barf, primarily my face! So for the rest of the movie, I gotta run around with zombie puke, all over my face,” he said. “And, you gotta remember continuity. Every frickin’ day, I had to go in and, first thing, get zombie barf, consisting of Hershey’s, Karo & red food coloring splattered all over my face. It was cold and extremely sticky. And the first day, it got under one of my contact lens. So, you guessed it. It had to match every time. Plus, the days were usually eight hours long.”

Despite the torment, Potts said he would absolutely do it again.

“And, I probably wouldn’t change a thing,” he said.

Potts said zombie films are different from other projects, adding there is a lot of enthusiasm that comes with being a part of one.

“I think that the biggest difference is that it’s easy to get people to play zombies,” he said. “People will do it just to be part of the project. Free make up and some food. If you get to be destroyed, that’s even better!”

Potts has several non-zombie projects in the works and seems to always be auditioning for something else. And, if the opportunity arises, he’d be glad to take another shot at the zombie hordes.

“Of course, I would do another zombie movie. Unequivocally,” he said.

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