Zombie films

Shokotan gets her own gothic Lolita zombie-fighting figure

Japanese idol, actress, and media personality Shoko Nakagawa is getting the figure treatment from Medicom, who is turning her into a Real Action Hero. The figure depicts Shokotan as the character Yumeko Aikawa in the movie Nuigurumaa Z.


The figure was originally gifted to Shokotan from musician and writer Kenji Ohtsuki for her Shoko Nakagawa Chaos Z Tour Finals, but will be reproduced in limited quantity pending preorder demand. Preorders will be accepted on Medicom’s website from December 20 to 31, with an expected ship date of September 2014. The figure will sell for ¥23,800.

By the way, for those unfamiliar with Nuigurumaa Z, check out the trailer below. The film stars Shokotan as Yumeko Aikawa a.k.a. “Dame-ko” (no-good-girl), a gothic lolita girl who combines with her pink teddy bear to transform into Nuigurumaa and kill zombies.

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