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Zombie Pigs take over Rovio this Halloween

This is the Halloween when Zombie Pigs will walk the Piggy Island! A new update for Bad Piggies, called Tusk ‘til Dawn, kicked off the Halloween celebrations on October 17th by introducing 30 spooky new levels with scary Zombie Pigs searching for King Pig’s candy. The game also features a remix of Rovio’s official Halloween 2013 song, Shuffle & Spawn by Major Lazer! The original song can be found in Angry Birds Friends and purchased here.

If vinyl is your thing, then you’re in for a treat (not a trick, we promise!): Shuffle & Spawn is released as an ultra limited edition picture vinyl, which includes the original Major Lazer remix and also a FOX remix. It’s available only in the Angrybirds.com shop – go check it out!

Speaking of Angry Birds Friends, the Zombie Pigs took over the tournament that started Wednesday, October 23rd. But don’t worry! You’ll have new custom slingshots to fight the hordes of the oinking dead. You can purchase a new slingshot with a special power that will apply to all birds shot with it. You can change the slingshots for each bird, and once purchased you can use them permanently in both web and mobile versions of the game!

Angry Birds Toons will join the Halloween fun with a special episode called Night of the Living Pork, where we’ll see King Pig trying to protect his Halloween candy from the shambling hordes of Zombie Pigs. There will also be a Halloween magazine full of fun puzzles, plus a cool zombie comic published by Egmont and out in the UK, Poland, China, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

So get set for Halloween! Drop by our webpage at www.angrybirds.com/halloween where you’ll find a fun zombie mask that you can print out and wear, along with a cool eight page zombie comic to get you in the mood!

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