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The Playforge launches Zombie Farm Battles

The Playforge, a mobile games developer and publisher, has announced the worldwide launch of the newest installment of the hit Zombie Farm series, Zombie Farm Battles. The all-new card battle game is free-to-play and now available for download on Apple’s App Store.

Zombie Farm Battles is an exciting new addition to the Zombie Farm portfolio and offers fans the chance to experience the Zombie Farm world in a whole new way,” said Jack Sorensen, President of The Playforge. “Zombie Farm Battles allows for a deeper fan engagement with endless hours of battles with new characters, challenges and prizes. We expect Zombie Farm Battles will appeal to Zombie Farm enthusiasts and also expand to new gamers who are fans of the challenging combat action.”

In the game, the zombies embark on an epic journey to battle their worst enemies – humans, who’ve infested the world.  Zombie Farm character favorites from previous titles along with newly introduced characters will work together to form unified teams to battle the humans. Players can also test their zombie team’s skills by going head-to-head with other players to win battle event prizes.

Key features of Zombie Farm Battles include:

  • Colorful quests and simple, fast-paced battles
  • Up-for-grabs, weekly challenges with huge rewards
  • The ability to link up with friends and borrow their zombies
  • Endless action through multiplayer battles with players around the world
  • Mutating zombies and chances to unlock new battle abilities to defeat evil bosses

The Playforge also launched Zombie Farm Escape earlier this month, which is now available worldwide. In the free-to-play iOS game, zombies must flee from Ol’ mcdonnell and his farm hands that are holding them captive in his veggie garden. Beautiful and diverse scenery provides an enhanced experience while players collect zombies, dash, and dodge oncoming obstacles and race to high scores.

Key features of Zombie Farm Escape include:

  • Compete against friends and check scores on the social leaderboard
  • Run with friends in game and get higher scores
  • Unlock and upgrade power-ups for endless fun
  • Explore the course with a unique set of swipe controls

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