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Zombies Can’t Jump hits the Google Play Store

Zombies Can’t Jump offers a new take on tower defense games. After a successful release on Windows Phone 8, Okijin Games is pleased to announce the release of Zombies Can’t Jump for Android.

Zombies Can’t Jump propose a unique take on the tower defense genre in which survival depends on your ability to stay above the ground!

Taking control of two characters, you will need to build all sort of items including TNT devices, spiked balls, gun turrets, metal and wood crates to prevent the waves of zombies from knocking you down. Unleash your survival rage ability and collect powerful weapons to battle your way through 20 original levels and 2 survival challenges re-playable in different ways. Zombies Can’t Jump is an accessible and fun game with a simple yet addictive gameplay.

Key Features:

– 20 original story mode levels.
– 2 re-playable survival challenges.
– 15 weapons, abilities and items to unlock.
– 2 loveable characters.
– 6 even more adorable zombies.

Zombies Can’t Jump is produced and published by Okijin Ltd and is now available for purchase on the Google Play Store.


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