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Spoiler: Main TWD character returns as a zombie?

We’ve seen a photo floating around which supposedly shows a Season 4 walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Judging from the production values of the zombie make-up, costuming and photography, we’d be inclined to believe that it is the real deal.

What we don’t buy is the accompanying rumor that the zombie is none other than Lori Grimes returned from the dead.

Take a look for yourself:


There is a strong resemblance between the walker actress and Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori, but the clothing is wrong. Lori wasn’t wearing that outfit at the time of her death. In fact, she never wore anything like that.

Last we knew, walkers didn’t change their clothes. It would be a very strange story arc for someone living in the prison to have found Lori’s body, carried it away and dressed her as a spinster librarian.

Our consensus is that if the zombie “is” Lori, it is only momentarily and only in Rick’s mind. But given that this already happened with Rick “seeing” Shane in Woodbury, we doubt that the show’s writers would go back to that well.

Only time will tell. The next season starts Oct. 13.

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