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Cat Studio HK launches Global Defense: Zombie War

It’s the end of the world and this is the last world war between human and zombies. That’s the premise behind Global Defense: Zombie War, the latest title released by Cat Studio HK.

In the game humanity’s cities are ruined and people are forced to escape into their last shelters. Your mission is build turrets along the road to protect the people, and kill all zombies.


– Kill zombies all over the world, over 100 cities with different views.

– 9 kinds of different turrets contain Gatling guns, Tesla coils, air-defense guns and the shock wave generator

– There are a wide variety of zombies, from normal citizen zombie, dog zombie to bomb zombie and titan zombie

– 2 defense modes, 3 difficulty levels.

– 3 different special skills : the Space Laser, Shockwave Bomb and the B2 bomber.

– RPG-like upgrade system to upgrade your units.

– 27 different kinds of medals waiting for you to unlock.

– Military rank system.

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