Torres VS. Zombies: The Best Kept Secret In Zombie Podcasts


Torres Vs ZombiesI started listening to Torres Vs. Zombies about 6-7 months ago, and after that first episode I was hooked. Not only do Torres and co-host John lay down the lay of the land when it comes to all things undead, they do it in an endlessly entertaining and informative way. While these guys have been around for a few years and have over 100 episodes in their podcast repository, yet somehow they’ve kept under the radar until now – clocking in at just under 1,000 Facebook fans and 1,500+ weekly listeners.

Torres and John are busy guys, both having full lives and responsibilities outside of the show. But as luck would have it, when I reached out to Torres (the shows creator and namesake) in search of some answers, he was more than happy to help.

Jake: Welcome to Zombease, Mr.Torres… should I call you ‘Mr.’?

Torres: Torres is fine. …

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