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Spoilers: The Walking Dead 315 “This Sorrowful Life” sneak peek

With only two episodes left in season three, I think we can expect a lot of fireworks and action from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

In the first clip we see a little conversation between Glenn and Daryl, who is trying to find a way to make things right between the group and his wayward brother Merle. Glenn doesn’t seem to be having any of it.

In the second clip we see Merle himself, continuing to provide actually good advice that no one seems to want to listen to. In this case, he’s telling Rick why it’s not a good idea to hand over Michonne to the Governor.

The third promo is the quick cut that doesn’t really fill in many blanks. It basically shows us that Team Prison is between a rock and hard place and will have to make really tough choices. Violence is almost certainly guaranteed.


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    • It is scary to think Merle is the voice of reason, but at a time when terrible things must be done it might just pay to listen to the terrible man.

      • I know. I hope that he does not become a zombie because Rick is lost. Herschel can only do but, so much. I fear he may not make it out of the prison alive as well.

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