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Spoilers: New teasers give a peek at next Walking Dead Episode

Warning: This article contains video spoilers for the Walking Dead episode 310, titled “Home.” If you don’t want to see the action before the episode, then turn back now.

This sneak peek seems to leave us with a lot more questions than answers. With its fast cut editing, we see that a lot of the players are in motion, but it’s hard to tell what exactly they’re going to be doing. What it doesn’t show is the assault on the prison. I suspect that will come closer to the end of the season.

This one gives a peek at a possible new power couple: Michonne and Glenn. Andrea prevented Michonne from getting her final revenge and Glenn certainly has his reasons for wanting to see the Governor dead. With Glenn questioning Rick’s leadership, could he have found a new “leader” in the mysterious swordswoman?

This clip should appeal to the fans of Daryl Dixon, who probably felt left out in the cold with episode 309. It looks like ol’ Double D is back under the thumb of big brother Merle. But, now that he’s had some time away, will he be willing to play the little brother role again?

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